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It is a matter of pride to claim credit that Chennai was the place where Association of Physicians of India was formed and inaugurated in the year 1944.

Dr.Guruswamy mudaliar, the renowned and respected physician ,was instrumental to this historical event. As the days rolled on , many state capitals emulated Chennai and formed their respective Associations with the parent body shifting to Mumbai. The First President of API was Dr. Jivraj N.Mehta from Mumbai in the year 1944.

The Association at Chennai assumed the regional character by calling itself as " Association of Physicians of India , Chennai Chapter ".

In the earlier days , the monthly meetings of API Chennai chapter which was started with handful of members used to be conducted at a hotel.The Association has seen stalwarts like Prof.Rathinavel Subramaniam adorning the chair of president and prof.M.Viswanathan as Secretary. Prof.M.Viswanathan became Chairman and Prof.M.Krishnamoorthy as Secretary. Later , Prof.V.Seshaiah became the Chairman and prof.S.Chandrasekharan as Secretary. Then , Prof.S.Chandrasekharan was elevated to the post of Chairman with Dr.S.N.Narasingan as Secretary. Prof.M.S.Amaresan was the Chairman for a long period with DR.S.N.Narasingan as Secretary. Names of other office bearers are furnished elsewhere. With the passage of time and introduction of certain changes in programs and venue, etc. now the membership has increased.

Aims and Objectives of the API Chennai Chapter

API Chennai chapter is the registered society under
Registrar of Societies Act 1975,[Tamilnadu Act 27 of 1975 ]
SL.No: 211/2010

The objects of the Association are : -
  • To encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of the Science of Medicine in all possible ways.
  • To encourage research including experimental work in the Science of Medicine.
  • To organize , establish , conduct , superintend , or control institutions for promoting whether directly or indirectly the study of , and research in, problems relating to the Science of Medicine.
  • To hold meetings , conferences, exhibitions, study circles or gatherings for the study and discussion of problems relating to , and allied with , the Science of Medicine.
  • To provide instruction and education to deserving persons in the Science of Medicine in all suitable ways.
  • To make pecuniary grants by way of scholarship , donation , subscription, allowance, gratuity, guarantee or otherwise to and for the benefit of deserving students, scholars and other persons who are worthy of receiving such grants by reason of their skill and proficiency in the Science or practice of medicine or their service to the cause of promotion of learning, research and practice of the Science of Medicine.
  • To award prizes , medals or other certificates of proficiency in the Science of Medicine to persons found fit there for after such tests , examinations or other scrutiny as may be prescribed from time to time.

In pursuance of the above objects , All India Annual conferences APICON used to be conducted. Chennai chapter conducted the conferences five times so far.
YearPlaceOrganising Secretary

Not content with the Annual conferences , API Chennai Chapter conducts CME programs monthly. Eminent persons and super specialists in various fields of medicine are invited to address CME programs. Panel discussions are also held for the benefit of members. Annual day celebrations are conducted in the month of August every year. The celebrations lasting for two days attracted the attention of Post Graduate students and Physicians.

The following Orations are delivered every year.
1. Prof.Rathinavel Subramaniam Oration
2. Prof.Sam.G.P.Moses Oration
3. Prof.S.K.Rajan Oration
4. Prof.M.S.Ramachandran Oration

API Chennai Chapter conducted 24 PG programs so far for the benefit of MD & DIP.NB Students. By conducting a prize examination involving MCQs ,Clinical Case presentation and diagnosis & oral examination.The best 3 candidates are selected and they are recognised with medals and certificates by API Chennai chapter. There is a separate medal in the name of Prof.M.Viswanathan being awarded every year. The course has become very popular attracting yearly about 150 students from all over India. The quality of the programs conducted by API Chennai Chapter has won wide acclaim and has become a prestigious Association for the medical fraternity to enroll as members.

In the context of mandatory stipulation for Medical personnel to update their medical knowledge by attending CME programs so as to get re- registration with the Medical council. The need to become a member in API Chennai Chapter need not be stressed. Proforma Application form and conditions for becoming Life members or Associate members Click here

API Chennai chapter was instrumental in starting the Tamilnadu state chapter of API in the year 2005. Secretary ,Dr.S.N.Narasingan ,Dr.M.S.Amaresan Chairman & Dr.S.S.Lakshmanan , Dr.Vijay Viswanathan , Dr.P.Soundararajan and other E.C members during that period were very much involved in forming this association. API Chennai chapter had conducted 3 Annual TAPICON at Chennai.

API Chennai chapter was recognized as the best city chapter in the country and was awarded certificate by the parent body of API in the year 2014. API chennai chapter also had signed MOU with American Physicians of Indian origin. The mayor of Texas with other officials including medical experts visited chennai and exchanged views on healthcare and environment. The office bearers Dr.S.N.Narasingan ,Dr.Vijay Viswanathan , Dr.S.S.Lakshmanan & Dr.M.S.Amaresan , visited Texas and delivered lectures.

The current office bearers are very active in all academic activities of API , under the leadership of Dr.K.Shanmugam as Chairman & other medical experts : Dr.E.Prabhu , Dr.P.Paranthaman , Dr.S.Chandrasekar , Dr.P.Soundararajan, Dr.V.Chiranjeevi , Dr.N.D.Ramanujam & Dr.A.Aravind.

We are guided for all our activities by Advisors like Dr.M.S.Ramachandran , Dr.P.B.Sadasivam , Dr.A.Bellarmine & Dr.V.Murugesan.

Physicians day celebration :
First time in the history of API , Physicians day was celebrated in the year 2013 under the leadership of Dr.A.Muruganathan ,All India President ,API with API Chennai chapter secretary Dr.S.N.Narasingan. Physicians day is in memory of Dr.Jivraj Mehta , one of the founder of API , whose birthday falls on 23rd December. During this physicians day which was conducted on 23rd December 2013 at Chennai , we recognised few physicians who rendered good academic service in various medical institutions and some well known API members who excelled in their services to humanity. On this day , a walkathon was conducted to create an awareness among the public about non communicable diseases followed by teaching program for post graduate students and free medical check up camps.On the same day medical experts in various specialities assembled in a hotel where non medical people were invited for an interactive session on various medical problems. An academic program for the benefit of physicians and specialists was also conducted. Being the first of its kind , office bearers of parent body had also attended in large numbers and they all had appreciated the new venture created by API Chennai chapter Click Here for the first physicians day celebration photos. Media had covered extensively on physicians day celebration. API Chennai chapter had shown the way for other branches and State chapter to take physicians day celebration in a larger scale across the country. Now most of the branches are conducting this program. An award in the name of Dr.Jivraj Mehta , was created by the API Parent body , and for the first time 3 great physicians were recognised for their excellent service in their profession and medical education. This award is being given every year by the parent body.

API Chennai Chapter

Address : SNN Diagnostic Centre
     O#38 , N#12,
     New Thandavarayan Street
     Chennai - 600021
     Ph : 7200055918 / 04435558617